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Story telling is an age old activity. Before the written word, verbal history was handed down generation after generation. Even in our day of over stimulation and information overload, there is something about engaging the imagination of your reader that will endear them to you. If you can capture their imagination, their heart, you will gain their respect and when they like you and trust you, they will buy from you.

Story telling is both an art and a science. For web content creators, this means there is an opportunity to learn how make this work for you in practical ways by touching the heart and imagination of your intended target. Sometimes the value added is the entertainment and inspiration given. It makes them want more. It endears your audience to you. Create a brand with storytelling.

Taking your brand and telling a story to your audience that will help them remember you is where the rubber hits the road.

How to make story telling work for you.

The best advertisements tell a story. Being able to get that story heard and shared is the key. Memorable stories will outlast any other form of advertising, hands down. What your readers or audience will remember is the feeling or ideas that will ‘stick’ with them when they are considering the product or service that you provide.

Keep the story relevant to your audience and relate it to your product/service.

The use of social media today gives as many opportunities to tell you story as it does challenges to be heard. Every opportunity you get to tell your story, take it! Remember, facts tell stories SELL! Keep in mind your audience, if you are speaking to conservative businessmen versus a group of teenagers on the topic of gaming ~ you’ll want to tell your story a bit differently to each group!

Storytelling can be a great web content resource, provide material that will quickly impart your knowledge, all the while exposing your expertise and willingness to share yourself with your audience. It endears you to them and more quickly imparts the advantages of your service or product to your intended audience faster and will last longer than telling facts alone.

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